Saturday, 12 December 2009

Avoid Regcure Cracks With Original License Key

When you are working in the computer repair industry you get to see at first hand the everyday problems the average computer user encounters and the way some people go about trying to fix their computers themselves. It never fails to amaze me that some users will risk their computers and valuable data just to save a few dollars on a software application like Regcure. I have now seen a lot of people with damaged and corrupt computer systems because they used a license key generator to unlock Regcure. A bit of research will tell you that Regcure is light years ahead of it competitors and this is why some unscrupulous people target people looking to get the software on the cheap.
This is really a false economy because most of the time some adaware/spyware and even worse gets installed on the computer by using the keygenerators. The keygen will display a keycode but the rouge spyware will install itself in the background without you knowing its there. Even if you get a fake Regcure code that works it is still tracable to the developers through your IP address.
I run into these problems a lot and try to explain to people the risk they are taking when using keygenerators, even though I get paid for my service its not nice having to reformat and reinstall windows for a client that could have been avoided. The most frustrating part is most of these users will have no backup made of any personal files or data that may have been on the computer. My advise is to get an original Regcure license key from the website and enjoy safe computing.
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