Saturday, 12 December 2009

Avoid Regcure Cracks With Original License Key

When you are working in the computer repair industry you get to see at first hand the everyday problems the average computer user encounters and the way some people go about trying to fix their computers themselves. It never fails to amaze me that some users will risk their computers and valuable data just to save a few dollars on a software application like Regcure. I have now seen a lot of people with damaged and corrupt computer systems because they used a license key generator to unlock Regcure. A bit of research will tell you that Regcure is light years ahead of it competitors and this is why some unscrupulous people target people looking to get the software on the cheap.
This is really a false economy because most of the time some adaware/spyware and even worse gets installed on the computer by using the keygenerators. The keygen will display a keycode but the rouge spyware will install itself in the background without you knowing its there. Even if you get a fake Regcure code that works it is still tracable to the developers through your IP address.
I run into these problems a lot and try to explain to people the risk they are taking when using keygenerators, even though I get paid for my service its not nice having to reformat and reinstall windows for a client that could have been avoided. The most frustrating part is most of these users will have no backup made of any personal files or data that may have been on the computer. My advise is to get an original Regcure license key from the website and enjoy safe computing.
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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Are You Looking For The Best Way To Get A Regcure License Key ?

If you have downloaded the free trial of the latest Regcure software and discovered the program can clean and remove many problems from your computer, then the next step for you is to enter a valid license key to continue the cleaning process. At the moment a search on the internet will show that there is Regcure license key generaters available for various versions of Regcure including Regcure 2.0 and Regcure 1.6. What most people don’t realize is you are running the risk of damaging your computer by installing these keygens because some of them also install other applications on your computer without you knowing about it.
One keygenerator i came across installed a browser highjacker on a clients computer which redirected all internet traffic to advertising websites and constantly made pop-up adverts display on the computer. Another thing to consider is the fact that even if you get a fake license key to work it can be traced back to your computer through your individual IP address. Is it worth the trouble?
The best thing you can do to avoid all this hassle is to get an original license key and ensure your copy of Regcure runs properly. Regcure is by far the best registry cleaner available which is proven by over 60 million downloads already. You can get a $10 Discount for Regcure by clicking the link below, why pay the full price.
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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Don’t have the time to learn how to manually clean out your computer?

Why would I need to know what a hotkey reg file is for and can I delete it?

Thankfully you don’t have to learn all the internal workings of your computer to to give it a spring clean and a much need performance boost. Most computer users just want to install a piece of software that will clean up old junk files that have built up on their system, but how do you know which is junk and which files are needed for your operating system. This is exactly what Regcure was designed for, it takes the guesswork out of the picture and lets you get on with enjoying your faster computer while it takes care of the technical stuff you don’t need to be concerned about. RegCure gives you the ability to clean the Windows registry of corruptions, invalid entries and cluttered remnants from uninstalls and malware infections.

Upgraded and advanced, RegCure Registry Cleaner 2.0 is compatible with Windows 7
RegCure is now available for all users of the Windows® 7 operating system. RegCure has been tested to meet all the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 7, and can be used on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This marks an important technological advancement, as the 64-bit registry is markedly different from 32-bit.

RegCure will continue to maintain support for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and Vista, as older computers tend to be particularly prone to errors and slowdowns. Dont risk damaging your computer with fake RegCure license keygens or RegCure cracks, it not really worth the risk to save $29.

See the page below for more information and see Regcure in action cleaning your PC

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Top 3 Things RegCure Can Do Without The Keygen

The goal of making your PC faster and more reliable is made very easy now with the use of Regcure Registry cleaner software, without compromising your valuable computer by using rogue keygenerators.

1. RegCure cleans up all the junk in your windows registry that's bogging down your PC and making it slow. RegCure will automatically scan your registry for invalid or garbage items, and clean them up with a few mouse clicks.

2. RegCure lets you control which programs start with Windows start up. RegCure lets you decide which applications are allowed to start automatically, allowing greater control of known and unknown programs installed on your computer.

3. RegCure fixes Registry DLL errors that make your applications crash. RegCure lets you easily hunt down Library Link problems in your registry, and repair them in minutes. All this happens under a very easy to use user interface.

To download an original Regcure License number it is highly recommended to get it from the manufactures website, but first you can see how Recure woks by watching the video below.